Remote Control Vehicles Gifts For Men

If you really want to make a man happy get him a gift that will bring out the boy in him. Remote control vehicles are awesome gifts that every man loves to control.

RC Gifts – Helicopters

Has the man in your life always wanted to be a pilot of a helicopter? With the BladeRunner Helicopter as a gift he will be able to enjoy many adventures. He will be control and maneuver his own helicopter through the house or outdoors. The features of this helicopter will have him taking-off, landing, hovering, flying up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right like any pro.Just be careful while you are cooking he may decide to hover over dinner. This wonderful remote control vehicle was designed for indoor or outdoor activities, so his possibilities will be endless.

VS. Battle Tanks as Remote Control Gifts!!

Another great remote control vehicle for the man of action are the VS. Battle Tanks.What man has not dreamed about driving a tank into action? With this cool remote control vehicle he will absolutely love being in control. These are wonderful pocked sized tanks that are based on Russian, German, and US WWII tanks. Many new features have been added like infrared so he will enjoy much more action than he could imagine.

He will love battling and never giving up. Features include go-anywhere caterpillar tracks, an LED damage indicator, kickback shooting action and supreme maneuverability. If he does get a direct hit in, the enemy tank will flash and spin 360 degrees. But,if he is unlucky and gets four hits to his tank it will become completely disabled. He will absolutely love these tanks and will take on his role as commander as he goes off to war.

You Want More Remote Control Vehicles?…

Remote control vehicles are fun and exciting and most men are up for the challenge. The Tornado R/C Stunt Car is great for the man that enjoys danger. This is another nifty remote control. Not only does it do the normal driving maneuvers like backing up and going forward, but it can also strafe sideways. The stunts will keep coming for as long as he works the controls. This will be one remote control vehicle that he will spend hours on end trying new and dangerous stunts.

These are just a few of the remote control vehicles available that will bring out the boy in your man. But, when you give him this type of gift you will be giving him hours of fun and excitement that not only he, but his friends will enjoy as well.