Electronic Gift Ideas for Men

When it comes to electronics, most men drool. Electronic gifts for the man are perfect ideas to keep any man happy with a new toy.

In the way of electronic gifts or gadgets you will find that there are many gift ideas to choose from, from cameras to scooters.A great gift idea for the man that truly loves watching all the new movie releases would be a DVD player. A portable one like Shinco Portable DVD Player is a wonderful idea. He can take this DVD player with him where ever he goes. He can then watch his DVD’s at a friend’s house and they will both enjoy the movies. He will love having this gift with him; he will always be able to enjoy movies on business trips or just on a weekend get-a-way.

Another wonderful electronic gift would be the Vivicam 3.1. This is a very nice compact digital camera that has many of the features of the bigger camera, but is not too large to carry around. He will be able to take many surprising shots of his friends being themselves, because he will always have his camera near.

What about the man that is always misplacing his keys? A great gift idea for him would be the Wireless Electronic Key Locator. How many times have you heard, ”Where are my car keys? Well, with this gadget he will not be losing his keys and you spending time searching for them. This cool electronic gadget is color coded for a place to write which key and which color they go with. Now,if he forgets what color all he will have to do is read.

Does he constantly complain about the traffic when he only needs to go a few blocks? Then maybe he could use an electronic personal vehicle like the City Mantis.This neat combination bike, electric scooter and moped will have him traveling around town without the hassles of the traffic. It has a fold up method that is very easy to use and then carried when needed.This is the perfect gift for any man that likes to get around and enjoy the sites without taking a cab or driving. It is built to be durable and fun. So, this would be a great gift idea for any man that is on the go. Some of the best features of this electronic vehicle are aerodynamically enhanced aluminum composite hex, and high impact resistant five blade front wheels that have free wheeling hub and pedals. They will enjoy riding around 10 to 18 miles before the Mantis will need recharged.

Other great electronic gift ideas for the man could include hand held games or even electronic pinball machines. No matter what you choose in the line of electronic toys, gadgets, or gizmos he will be very happy with your choice of electronics as a gift for him.