Planning Your Trip to Disney

One of the most popular theme parks on earth is Disneyland. For travelers planning a trip to Disneyland this year, there are some great things to do before leaving for California. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the free activities you can do in Disneyland. If you have young children, this is an excellent place to bring them while on your trip to Disneyland.

B. The Anaheim theme park offers a variety of different forms of entertainment, most of which are completely free. You don’t have to pay for the free food and drinks served at the various dining establishments, bars, dance clubs, or other forms of “entertainment” places of the theme park. So come on, get ready to enjoy tomorrowland before heading out to the theme park to see all the exciting rides and adventures.

C. Today, Disneyland offers one of the best sources of transportation around the world. If you travel from San Diego to Disneyland by bus, train, or plane, you can easily get yourself to the theme park on a very short trip. However, if you prefer to travel by water, you can make your way to the happiest place on earth by renting a boat from the San Diego ports. The San Diego-bound boat trip to Disneyland offers passengers some exceptional access to the fun water rides and attractions.

D. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a honeymoon trip to Disneyland, a business trip or a social gathering at the park, you will definitely want to plan some time in Disneyland for its special shows. There are several different types of shows that are offered on a nightly basis at the park. Many of these attractions include the Hall of Presidents, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse, plus many other popular characters.

E. To be able to enjoy the live entertainment, you need to be aware of the specific dates and times that the shows are held. The best way to find out the dates and times is to keep an eye on the local daily newspaper’s schedule of events. You will find that the entertainment schedule changes depending upon the park closure. Most of the shows at Disneyland change depending upon the season. The shows for tomorrowland go on weekdays while shows at Disneyland ( Tomorrowland) go on Saturdays. It is important to keep this information handy in case you need to attend any of these shows.

F. When attending one of the Disneyland shows or taking a boat ride to the theme park, be sure to take advantage of all of the great benefits and freebies that are provided to you. One of the best ways to maximize the perks is to purchase tickets to the special fireworks show after the conclusion of each show. You can get special meal passes and fireworks show tickets for the same price as buying a single admission ticket. This is a great way to save money, plus the deals that you find by booking your vacation online is unbelievable. When you purchase your tickets and book your accommodations online, you will discover that the prices will include taxes and gratuities that will further save you money.

G. These amazing Disney shows and parades also have an array of fun activities for you and your family to participate in. Some of these activities include: parades featuring your favorite Disney characters, balloon parades, dog racing, petting zoos, chili parades, kid’s school Pixar races, petting zoo games, and much more! If you love parades, then you will love to participate in the parades at Disneyland. However, if you prefer to take a different form of transportation, there are numerous bus tours, boat tours, and car rental services that will allow you to tour throughout all of the different parks, and get the most out of your visit to Disney.

H. These fantastic discounts on tickets and lodging will allow you to visit Disney, but it won’t break the bank when it comes to spending. With the incredible discounts that are available, there are numerous ways that you can save money when it comes to paying for your trip to Disneyland. In addition, these bonus tips will show you that you can travel to the most amazing theme parks, while spending the least amount of money possible. By using these great tips, you will definitely be able to save money on a memorable trip to Disney, without sacrificing quality.

Walter Long

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