Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

Tools gifts for dad are a nice treat for any occasion. It’s a nice way to let dad know that you think he is important and worth all the effort your showing him. Some of the most common tools gifts for dad are drill bits, socket wrenches, electric wrenches, and screw drivers. If dad has particular needs that are not met by the standard list, give him something that will do what he needs. It can be anything from a power drill with a little bit more torque to a new socket wrench.

A good combination is a random orbital sander and a lithium-ion battery powered drill. This is a heavy duty drill but still fairly cheap. It comes with a carrying case, but it’s easy enough to carry anywhere. The drill bit holder is removable and easily accessible for storage. The power drill cord runs on a 9V battery, so you don’t have to worry about buying a large assortment of batteries to keep the kit running.

An interesting choice of DIY power tools is a lithium-ion abrasive belt. You can use these for hardening things like copper pipes and stainless steel parts. The belt works with a standard drill. One cool thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they charge fast, so you don’t have to wait hours for your DIY-er to get an edge.

For a different and unique approach to giving a present for dad, why not try an abrasive belts kit? An abrasive belt gives your diy-er something to do besides drill holes and tighten bolts. This kit comes with everything you need, in varying amounts. You can get a small tube that packs a ton of abrasive balls into one tube, or a large tube that has plenty of balls for every project you might do. They work great for woodworking projects too.

A drill for dad could be a little more complicated than just a basic starter kit, especially if your diy-er already has a favorite drill. For example, many drills have a feature that locks the base to hold the drill bit for snug drilling. However, a drill with this feature is usually sold separately. If dad has his very own drill, then you can try out a drill set with the feature included in the kit.

Another unique option is a multi-tool gift set including a small socket wrench, a tape measure, and a power screwdriver set. Dad will love being able to fix things around the house faster and easier. This would be a perfect starter kit for handy men everywhere. You could also give a multi-tool to someone who enjoys welding, as these tools make great tools for working with metals.

Of course, for those who prefer to work outside, the perfect gift for Dad would be a portable battery powered lawn mower and tool set. If he loves to garden, he will definitely be appreciative of a quality, fully-assembled gas or electric lawnmower. Dad will have his own portable tool set and no longer will he have to rent a lawn mower from the local hardware store. He’ll be able to keep his yard looking neat and tidy all season long. And he’ll have the added benefit of saving money on gasoline and oil by using his new tool set instead of buying gas each time he needs to use it.

Last but not least, consider giving Dad a complete home improvement package. This might include a sander, a cordless drill, some nails and screws, a contractor’s string line, a straight finish saw, sandpaper, and a planer. This gift will certainly pay off with a job well done and a warm feeling in the heart. In fact, many homeowners who receive a combo kit are impressed at how well these guys stay together and operate. This type of tool set is ideal for Dad if he needs some serious work done around the house.

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